Cameron Garrett and Lilly Walters June 11 & 12 2018

Only $200 for two very full days!
10 am - 9 pm Both Days, 2 dinner breaks

We will either have a supervised jam session or more workshop after the dinner breaks.

No more than 40 attendees. No guests allowed during the day sessions, bring your family to the jams at night!

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DAY ONE: Monday,
with Lilly Walters:

Mastering Brush Work and Elements

Lilly Walters, Face Painting ClassDay One is about YOU ‘learning by doing.’ We have several teaching assistants, including Cameron, who are there to help you MASTER the brush and paint.

THE TYPES OF THINGS WE COVER ON DAY ONE: Tips and Tricks: Kits, Jewels and Clusters, Money Making Ideas
Line Work: Single and Split Cake Brush Mastery: Rounds, Flats, Angles, Rake/comb, Detailing Shadow Lines Baroque/Rococo Swirls Exercise Drills into Designs: Lettering, Tear Drop Flowers & Princess Crowns, One Stroke: Rose Buds; Snakes, Dolphin Tribal: Dragon, Butterfly, Scorpion, & Layer Your Designs with Multiple Elements: Pouncer Designs, Stencils, Glitters, Gels, Jewels Designs That Compliment the Face1 –to 2 Minutes Designs, Masks

Lilly Walters, Face Painting Class

AFTER DINNER:  Gem Jam! Bring Diminsional Fabric paint and jewels (or purchase from Lilly at event)

Lilly Walters, Face Painting Class

DAY TWO: Tuesday

9 - 10 AM: Idea Sharing Session! Bring an Idea to share, take 3 minutes to tell us about it.

Cameron Garrett: Color Explosion Techniques and Designs TCameron Garrett face and body painting in Southern California SoCalo Wow The World!

You come up front and watch Cameron create her AMAZING designs, ask all of your questions on HOW she does it! Then, you go back to your seats to work on her strategies for design.

• Cameron’s Favorite one stroke and rainbow cake techniques

• Blending and layering tips

• Using stencils and bling to take your designs to the next level

• Flowers

• Beautifying Butterflies/fairies

• Fast faces & festival designs

Cameron Garrett face and body painting in Southern California SoCalCameron Garrett face and body painting in Southern California SoCalCameron Garrett face and body painting in Southern California SoCal

Cameron Garrett face and body painting in Southern California SoCal6:30 Jam with models! Bring your family and friends to play with us!
We will also have some local people who want YOU to create some amazing things on them!
Models see more here

$200 for 2 amazing full days! Secure Your Spot NOW!

You will be sending TWO payments. One to Lilly, One to Cameron
You can pay the full amount now, but in the two payments, as shown below

Pay $105* now to secure your spot Pay the $95* balance any time before May 1st

Immediately receive
Part 1, over 60 pages, of (See more about the book) Bootcamp In A Book, Lilly's eBook with over 400 illustrations and drills.Add to Cart

Send Lilly a copy of your receipt of payment for the final $95 and receive
Part 2 of Bootcamp In A Book, AND a 33 page Cameron eBook with over 100 photos, all kinds of Step-by-Steps and links to 4 of her short teaching videos!

NOTE, you need to enter the amount and a message to Cameron saying it is for the 2018 Vegas Bootcamp)

*these are non-refundable

Lilly Walters, Face Painting ClassWHAT TO BRING FOR THE BOOTCAMP: Your scaled down kit:

VENUE OF BOOT CAMP AND HOTEL: The hotel is a no-frills smaller venue, with large rooms and a small kitchen area with a frig and lots of counter space (no microwave). For your convenience the Mardi Gras operates a complimentary "Strip" shuttle that also services McCarran International Airport daily from 7am to 10pm. here's a little restaurant in the hotel which is not bad at all, and yummy restaurants are a short Uber ride away.
Mardi Gras Resort, 3500 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 8916

SPECIAL RATE: about $40 for the 11 through 14

You MUST call or email to get the special rate: P: 702.731.2020 x739, email: EVENT CODE: "Face Painting"

Cameron Garrett face and body painting in Southern California SoCalCameron Garrett face and body painting in Southern California SoCal

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HOST: Lilly Walters, 909-398-1228, face and body painting

Our Bootcamp ALWAYS fill up to maximum,
your resitstration is non-refundable.