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West Coast Face and Body Painters
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a Discussion Group for Face and Body Painting

The messages on our West Coast Face and Body Painters Forum are actually READ
more often than at some other Forums because of certain rules we enforce.

When you first join the Forum, your messages will be moderated.
Meaning, our team does not allow your messages to go through to the whole group, unless they meet the criteria on this page.
If you have a hard time remembering these rules (don't feel bad, many people do!),
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On this page: The Rules | Posting Photos | Adjusting Settings | Subscribe Now | Go to Forum Site


      • No PERSONAL messages, such as: "THANK YOU," "GOOD JOB," or "SEE YOU THERE." These messages are valuable and will be appreciated by the ONE person you mean them to go to. But they get sent to over 700 people when you use REPLY TO ALL (if you are using a software like Windows Mail, or Outlook) or you did not use the REPLY TO AUTHOR (if you go to the website to see the messages). This makes others cranky, and they leave our Forum. HOWEVER! We have a Facebook group at which you can do all the fun, personal "good job" sorts of the messages you want. Just go to Facebook and type in "West Coast face and body painters" then ask to JOIN, or use this link.
      • No multiple posting of messages. In other words, do not send your message to WCFP and to other Forums in the same email. You can send the same message to any other Forum, just not in the same email.
        The exception to this is messages from Marcela Murad, with whom we have a special agreement.
      • Anyone can join West Coast Face and Body Painters
      • You can promote events or your products once a week on the Forum, as long as they are on the Western of North America and met the criteria. Events outside of that area may post once every 8 weeks. (The exception to that is FABAIC).
      • All photos must be PG!! No nudity. Bodypainting photos with appropriate PG coverings (minimum of pasties and thongs). Otherwise we will get re-categorized into the naughty, (not nice), area of Google Groups.


      • Go to your email software (meaning however you receive and send emails now).
      • Create an email message, and address it to
      • Somewhere in your email system is a link to ATTACH a photo. Use that.
      • Downsize your photos! The managers the Forum never see the messages with oversized photos, they just don't go through.
      • PLEASE!!! Make an extra copy of your favorite photos, make them small enough so everyone can easily see them in their emails. Here are some tips on photos


      • Want to get only one email a day?
      • LOG INTO YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT, using the email you used to sign-up for the Forum.
      • Look on the RIGHT side of the screen, in yellow/orange. See EDIT MY MEMBERSHIP. Try the DIGEST format.

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