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17 Top Tips On For the Semi-Professional Face Painter

Even if you don’t get paid, you can have a terrific professional quality to your work. The following are an overview of some of the ideas covered in greater detail in my book, Face Painting Tips and Designs

1. Use cosmetic paints, products specific to be used on faces and skin. “Safe and non-toxic” evidently means you can eat it, not put it on your skin. Get face paints, and powders approved by the FDA.

2. Use only cosmetic grade glitters, those found in the make-up section of the store.

3. The most popular face paints are “cakes.” They are very hard, then feel like soft butter when you get them loosened up with water.

4. Get a variety of cosmetic sponges and paint brushes, from #2 sizes to at least 3/4 inch wide. Those little brushes that come with the inexpensive face painting kits are useless. The bigger brushes and sponges will put the paint on fast and easily. At a minimum you will use: 2 sponges (one for black), a wide brush, a medium round brush (size 3 or 4), and a tiny detailing brush. Professionals carry 10 – 40 brushes and a variety of sponges with them.

5. Bring hair bands to pull their hair away from the face when you paint. Remember where the bangs went and plan your design around that.

6. Use fresh, clean rinse water.

7. Bring a roll of paper towels. Remember, if the brush is too wet, the paint will run. Use the paper towels to pull excess water out of the brush.

8. Keep unscented high quality baby wipes at your table. Ise these to clean those faces that are dirty, and the wipe off your paint cakes when they get dirty.

9. After each child, clean your hands so you don't spread germs. You can use antibacterial wipes or gel.

10. If you are new to face painting, avoid the eyes and the lips. These areas are the most delicate, prone to infection and allergies. You can create great designs, and not touch these spots.

11. Put the back ground colors on first, then finish with the outlines and details.

12. Have cheat sheets, photos or sketches of what you want to create. Put about 6 ideas up where people can see them and choose what they want before they get to your work area.

13. Always obtain the parents consent before you do face painting or any type of work on children.

14. Make sure to bring a mirror, so they can see your finished work.

15. Always carry your camera. Take photos of them, and ask parents to take photos of you.

16. Paint whenever you can, until your calendar is full of paid dates. It is better to something for nothings, than nothing for nothing.

17. Buy liability insurance.

This book is filled with photos of my work. These are not the ideal, just a place to start. I have selected photos from when I just started, to my more advanced work. Take the parts that inspire you, and create your own ideas and styles. Enjoy. (c) Lilly Walters, 2008, from the ebook, Face Painting Tips and Designs

Face painting adds a wonderful spark to: childrens parties, carnivals, wedding receptions. Birthday Parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Wrap Parties, Wedding Receptions, and Child Entertainment at Weddings Bachelorette Parties, Baby Showers
Company Picnics, Family Nights, Grand Openings, Restaurants, Shopping Mall Events, Customer Appreciation, Product Promotions, Night Clubs, Fashion Shows, Red Carpet Events
Community Events: Street Fairs, Grad Nights, School events, Church Carnivals, Festivals, Fundraisers, Concerts, Sporting Events

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